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Course Schedule

Read this entire page as it will answer most of your questions. If you still have doubts, then don't hesitate to contact us - or +91-968-767-4520.





Salsa Bachata Dance Class Ahmedabad - Latin Dance

Salsa Level 1 (Weekend Batch)

19:00 to 20:30 hrs

Saturday & Sunday 1.5 hr each

Venue: Anantaa Wellness Prahladnagar

Starting - September 07, 2019

Salsa Level 4 (Weekend Batch)
20:30 to 22:00 hrs

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1.5 hr each

Venue: Anantaa Wellness Prahladnagar

Starting - Already Started.

Couple Salsa Dancing

Bachata Intermediate
20:30 to 22:00 hrs

Saturdays & Sundays 1.5 hr each

Venue: Anantaa Wellness, Prahladnagar

Starting - To Be Announced

Some highlights from last week's La Rumb

Learn Salsa in 1 Week!
20:30 to 22:30 hrs

Monday to Friday - 2 hrs each

Venue: Anantaa Wellness Prahladnagar

Starting - 16 September, 2019

Our timings not matching with your availability? Want us to organize a late evening OR a weekday batch? Let us know!

We'll do our best to find a solution by organizing batches better suited to your schedule.

How to Register:

You should register for courses in advance - especially Level 1 - by following these steps

(you are considered to be "registered" only after completing these steps):     


1.     Email us your name, mobile number, the course you wish to join and whether you're

        joining alone, with a partner or in a group

2.     Drop in to our studio by confirming with us about the ongoing classes.

3.     Watch an ongoing class to witness our teaching methods and class environment.

4.     Speak to one of our instructors (if there's a class in progress kindly wait until the

        class completes to approach the instructor).

5.     Fill out a registration form. (This is a different form than the "Quick Register" form that

        you see here on the right)

6.     Pay a token deposit of Rs 1000/- or the full course fee by cash or direct bank transfer. 

        Token deposit is not refundable.

7.     If after reading this entire page you still have doubts, then please call +91-968-767-4520.



Important Note: Our Level 1 batches fill up very quickly, so register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. While it is not compulsory that you join with a partner, we will limit the number of students in a batch based on the gender ratio. Therefore, those joining with a partner (of the opposite gender) will be given first preference for registration. Similarly, groups (of four or more) comprised of a proportionate number of males and females will also be given preference. The remaining batch vacancies will then be distributed to individuals on a first-come-first-serve basis. If we cannot accommodate you in a particular batch, then your registration (and deposit) will be carried over to the next batch starting the following month.




Additional Class Information:

Salsa Level 1: No previous dance experience required. This class is meant to teach you the fundamentals of Salsa from scratch. If you have never danced before or have "two left feet," this is the class for you.


Salsa Level 2, 3 or 4: You must be declared eligible to join Level 2, 3 or 4 by our instructor. If you have learned Salsa with another institute or instructor, then you must schedule an appointment with one of our instructors for an evaluation. The instructor will dance with you for a few minutes and suggest what level is best suited for you. Email us at


Course Duration: The duration of each Salsa course is varies from one month to two months depending on the level. Once registered you will have access to other Level 1 Salsa batches and Open Floor to make up for any class you may miss because of your travel or other circumstances beyond your control. You must inform your instructor if you are missing classes, so that a make-up sessions can be arranged for you. For maximum benefit, however, we recommend that you attend for a continuous for the whole level duration.


Partners: Joining with a partner is NOT compulsory, although recommended. Furor will ensure that the gender ratio in each batch proportionate. We will constantly rotate partners throughout the entire class, such that everyone will dance with everyone else.


Dress Code: We suggest wearing comfortable clothing (ie. track pants or loose-fitting denims & t-shirt). You will sweat, so consider bringing a small hand towel to dry yourself during class.


Footwear: Only dance shoes are allowed inside the studio (ie. jazz shoes, Salsa sandals, ballet shoes, etc.). Alternatively, you may also dance in socks until you’ve acquired appropriate footwear. We recommend that you purchase a pair of jazz shoes/sneakers (for men or women) or a pair of Salsa sandals (for women only).


Additional Practice: Attending class alone is usually not enough to progress at the pace that we expect from our students. You must find additional practice time outside of class as well (scroll down to read about Open Floor & Salsa Socials below).


Hygiene: This is a partner dance and as a courtesy to your partners, please ensure that you control any unpleasant body odor by applying deodorant and using chewing gum or breath mints before and/or during class.


Conduct: Students are expected to conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner. Each student will learn at a different pace; as such you are expected to be encouraging to your classmates and help those who may be struggling. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


Right of Admission: Furor reserves the right of admission to any of its classes.


WhatsApp Updates: If you would like to be added to our broadcast list and receive announcements about new batches, workshops & events, please WhatsApp "ADD <YOUR NAME>" to +91-968-767-4520 or if at any time you wish to be removed from our broadcast list, please WhatsApp "REMOVE" to the same number.


Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: We are very active online, posting updates about our new batches, workshops, socials and new events. We encourage you to connect with and follow us on Facebook & Instagram in order to stay updated on the same. (Click here to browse our Facebook page, and don't forget to click the "Like" button at the top of the page - Click here to reach our instagram channel, and don't forget to follow us there.)


Help Spread the Word: Telling your friends about our classes is the best way to spread the joy of dance to more and more people. If you enjoy dancing and enjoy our classes, please tell your friends about us. You can do so by simply forwarding our website address to a few of them right now. Also, after you connect with us on Facebook & Instagram, you can invite your friends to connect with us as well.




Salsa Socials & Open Floor


sal·sa so·cial (sahl-sah soh-shuhl) 


An informal social gathering or party involving Salsa music and dancing.


Our Salsa socials are the perfect opportunity for all Salsa lovers to get together, socialize, listen to great music and of course DANCE! This is where students can apply what they're learning in the studio. Social dancing is not only loads of FUN, but it will help dancers improve and sharpen their timing, footwork, leading and following, turning, styling and musicality. Please be considerate of others and ensure that you dress neatly, carry deodorant spray and carry a mouth-freshener. See you on the dance floor!

Find more information about our regular Salsa socials on our Facebook page. Remember to click "Like" on our page so that you do not miss out on the announcements.


Open Floor
An instructor-guided, practice Salsa social for Furor students only. Come and practice what you're learning in class, ask questions and try out new things. A great place to prepare yourselves for socials and improve your Salsa dancing with the help of Furor's instructors.
Note: This is not a class.





Class Venues:

Anantaa Wellness,

2nd Floor, Camps Corner II,

Above Bata Showroom,

Opp. Prahladnagar Garden,

Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Have more questions OR want to know more about Salsa? Check out our FAQ/Info page.

Basic Course Information:

• Studio is located at a prime location opposite Prahladnagar Garden.
• No dance experience required to join Level 1.
• Bringing a dance partner is NOT compulsory (but recommended).
• To join Levels 2, 3 or 4, you must be declared eligible by one of our instructors.

• You should register in advance (see below). You may attend a trial class before registering.
• The duration of each Salsa level is six weekends. That's 18 class-hours guaranteed.

• Duration of each class session is 1.5 hour.

• Bachata, Rueda de Casino, Cha Cha, Merengue workshops are conducted quarterly.

• Check with us to know about next Bachata, Rueda, Cha Cha, Merengue etc workshop.

• Please read this entire page as most of your questions will be answered herein.

• If you still have doubts, please call +91-968-767-4520.

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